Noble Savage wants to put the show Banknote Bingo on the radar. Obviously it isn’t the only company that comes up with new ideas for a t.v. show. The Banknote Bingo has a great potential but when it will be presented like any other idea it might be overlooked.


Noble Savage asked us to create an innovative way to present their concept of Banknote Bingo to the production companies.

Brand platform

Noble Savage is a television concept creator. So basically it is a company that creates and structures new television programs. When he has a good idea he will present it and then sell it.

Banknote billionaire is a television format for a game show where the contestants can win money by answering question. The viewers can also play by with their banknotes at home and win the same amount of money as the winner.

Communication goal

The communication goal is to convince the production company’s and tv channels that Banknote billionaire is a format that will be of value for their company.

Target group

We will focus on the production companies in the Netherlands, because the concept will be presented to them. We also will keep in mind the target group of the production companies, these are the channels and target groups for the channels.

What is also interesting is that their target group is also Noble Savage’s in a way since it creates a concept that is likable for the target group of the production companies: t.v. channels. Their target group is then also relevant for the production companies and Noble Savage: the viewers.

  • production company
  • tv channels
  • target group channel


We can imagine that there are a ton of people that come to the production companies to tell them about an idea for ‘the most successful show ever’. We believe this creates a barrier for our target group to pick a new idea since they are all pitched in the same way. This is why with our concept we want to create something different and stand out from the rest.


The single most important thing we want to say is that Banknote billionaire is the next big thing.

Tone of voice

To be determined.


There are no limitations regarding media. It will depend on the concept which mediamix we will chose.


The place where the formats are presented are quite strict at this moment. When the formats are presented it is most likely in a formal setting. This will be with someone who presents the format to a few spectators. Noble savage is willing to invest in between 0 and 50.000 euros.


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