Research on concepting

Generating an idea is not that difficult and Janaki already did a lot of research on brainstorming.

You have an epic idea. Which steps do you have to take to turn it into a medium independent concept? As a CMD student, especially whilst doing the Concept Design specialization, it is important to be able to do this but also to be able to notice the difference between an idea and a concept. Since we are still struggling with this sometimes, I decided to look further into this.

Copy and Concept is a book mainly focused on communication and campaigns. The writers explain that concepts are necessary to enhance a brand. They define concepts in two different types.

A concept in the broader sense:
The overall idea about the essence of the brand and its meaning in people’s live, which recurs in all the communication about the brand. This is quite close to the brands vision, mission and image.

A concept in the narrower sense:
Creative concept to include all communications within a campaign. It takes an USP and is linking this to an aspect that is not related to the product. Like a benefit, a symbol or different meaning.

This is the kind of concept we need for Banknote Bingo.

After generating loads of ideas in the brainstorm it is time to combine these ideas, evaluate them and finally make a selection. Does the concept fit the briefing? Is it relevant? Does it target the right people? Is it distinctive? Is it consistent?

A good concept:

  • Is asking for attention
  • Fits well with the brand
  • Fits the theme of the campaign
  • Has added value towards the brand
  • Fits the target group
  • Is developable and quite timeless
  • Is translatable into different kinds of media

So the only way to turn an idea into a concept is by using this ‘’a good concept’’ list as a sort of checklist.

Everything fits our concept ‘’changing the value of money’’.



Thobokholt, B., Waal, B. de, & Westbeek, M. (2012). Copy & Concept (4e ed.). Amsterdam, Nederland: BIS Publishers.


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