Our last day

Already we stumbled upon the last day working together as a group. Tomorrow is the big day that we (Cashmyra) are going to present our concept to Fraser, Bob and our fellow students. And what seemed like a small job, was actually still a whole day of work. Working off the last bits can be quite addictive so we all stayed till the end. Helping each other and finishing our own work.

whatsapp-image-2017-01-24-at-21-32-30                      – Thomas was getting us coffee –

We had to complete the final report for Fraser. Put everything up on the blog what we hadn’t shared before, and process the final feedback in our animation. There is no more need to show and tell what we did today since we are all posting our stuff individually. Even though we had to work hard and focus on our own stuff, we still had a good time. There were no argument or bad words. It was a pleasure working together in this group. What more can I say? Today was a good day.


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