Evaluation Olmo

After we got the feedback from Fraser, Bob and other people we asked a few things needed to change. We needed to shorten the animation quite a bit, this was clear. There was no need for the mechanism explanations in the animation, Fraser will do that afterwards. So then Thomas made a new video and last monday, 23th of january, I did my evaluation round. This made sure we had our last workday to tweak and perfect our animation before the final presentation. I asked around at animation experts, and just regular adults (who would watch the show). The adult were not really a problem to get to, but the animation experts were. Of the four I approached, only one had time to review it.

I just showed them the animation. I wanted to make sure they understand it without any introduction. Then I asked for their opinion.

Adult 1 – Ineke Daalders

Ineke really liked the music. She did think it was too loud since she couldn’t understand everything Thomas was saying in the voice over. Overall she found it very entertaining and energetic. She suggested we used a little more colour.

Adult 2 – Robin Borsboom

Robin was also positive. She thought it was some kind of commercial and thought it really needed some explanation (without knowing that is part of Frasers presentation). Overal she liked the music and the voice. Although it was not loud enough. She also liked the way the illustrations were drawn.

Adult 3 – Jan Dorssen

Jan was a little sceptical. He thought everything went too fast. He did liked the music but it was too loud in his opinion. When I showed it again he understood it was somekind of promotion. He thought it was cleverly done but he preferred a more calm way of advertising.

Animation Expert – Jimmy Scholten

Jimmy thought the music was fine for starters, but also Jimmy said we had to tune down the music a bit to hear what the voice over was saying. He liked the illustrations but he thought they were a little bit minimal. He gave us the advise that by just adding a few more banknotes at the beginning or at the t.v. scene, the whole thing becomes more alive. He also helped picking out audio effects like the sound of money ‘flapping’ on the screen. Jimmy also told me he thought it was still a bit dark-ish and we just had to crank up the brightness a little bit to really make the colours more come out.

I think we had some great feedback. Except that Jan didn’t really like it I think overall the people that are willing to watch this show can appreciate it. Also Jimmy really helped us out. Thomas will be turning the music volume a bit down so you can hear the voice over more clearly. He is going to be adjusting the brightness so it’s less dark and more happy. Also thomas is increasing the number of banknotes in the video to make it more spectacular. And last but not least, the sound effects will be implemented. In the end I think we will have a pretty neat video!


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