Design review

Design review

Systematic, comprehensive, and documented analysis of a design to determine its capability and adequacy to meet its requirements. A design review also serves to identify present and potential problems. (

In this design review I will thoroughly analyse our first animation for Banknote Bingo. This is still a prototype (moving storyboard) but I will look into further improvements. Whilst doing this, I will keep our concept in mind.

The animation is too long. We received this feedback from Fraser and we agree on this. Before we are going to change anything, we have to take a closer look to the actual animation.

The background in the animation is grey and this needs to change. It is not completely clear that this video is about augmented reality. We have to find a way to make it more convincing that the animation is what you actually see on a phone screen. We have to create a more realistic background. By using augmented reality, we enhance our concept because you can take an actual banknote from your wallet and start an animation.

The animated 20 euro bill looks very good and realistic. The way the value is actually changing works really well. By keeping the 20 euro bill look, instead of changing it into a pile of money, it really enhances the concept ‘’changing the value of money’’.

The part of explaining the gameshow will be skipped. Our concept is not about explaining the gameshow, it is about taking an USP and enlarging this USP.

If we look at the people at home, watching tv, they all look the same at this moment. This works perfectly for a prototype because it is clear that we see people. In the final design it is important that people can relate to the people they see. We have to depict individuals, both male and female and give them different looks. This way, it will give viewers the feeling that they can be the ones watching the show.

Zooming in on the small details of a banknote does not work with the animation as augmented reality. We need to find another way to show the numbers clearly.

It is nice to have a relevant voice over. When the animation is going to be shorter (we have to brainstorm on this together), the voice over has to change as well. We could also make the animation more interesting by using sound effects and/or music.

People do have to be aware of the fact that they need to turn the sound on. We have to rely on the application that people are using to see augmented reality. There must be some kind of a reminder.

In the animation we see a €20 banknote. What happens if you only have €5? The animation should work with every type of banknote. Also, the animated banknote should be a real banknote with just the numbers changing in a realistic way.


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