Creative brainstorm

I want to learn new and creative ways to come up with concept. Last time with Take on New Things 1 I wrote the concept rationale to explain why a concept is a good concept. This time I want to research different ways of brainstorming and see if the concept becomes better because of this. I will do this by applying the different ways I found in the research and applying them with the group in the right circumstances. I will document this brainstorm and evaluate if it helped us to create more creative concepts.

In the research, as seen above, I looked up different ways to do creative brainstorms. I prepared the arbitrary word brainstorm and organised that the brainstorm would be done in a new environment. In advance all the group members and me prepared ten concept ideas. We went to a café where none of us had been before so that our brain would be stimulated in the right way to be more creative.

Brainstorm session in the Stan & Co.

We first went over the ten concepts everybody prepared. And found out that we had a lot of the same first ideas, like virtual reality and doing a game of the gameshow with the tv producers. This proved that it was a good exercise to prepare these concepts beforehand to get these first ideas out of our heads and make space for new and more original ideas.

After that we did the arbitrary word exercise. On the table was a bottle of balsamico vinegar so we used that as the word. We first wrote down all the proporties, associations, functions and memories we had with this subject.

Arbitrary word brainstorm – Balsamico Vinegar

Then we chose words that we wrote down with the association exercise. We then thought of ways that we could connect the ‘random’ word with Banknote Bingo. This gave us new ideas and concepts as seen beneath.



Some interesting ideas we came up with that we normally wouldn’t have thought of are for example the image that the vaults of the banks are empty because all the money is at home with the viewer watching banknote bingo or that a stripper wins a lot of money because of the ten euro she got in her panty and that we could send a pizza box to the tv producers with the instructions of the tv show to grab their interest.

After this brainstorm session we came up with our ten best concepts that can be read in our blog post of all the ideas. Two days after getting all our ideas on paper and writing them down in a document, we went over them with a fresh and new look. We then chose our ten best ideas and combined adjusted some ideas to make them into concepts.

10 Concepts


  1. Time is money
  2. Watching the show = win/ gain.
  3. Showing scenarios of people who have cash and become rich with this in a commercial for the tv show. To grab their attention.
  4. A pizza deliverer receives cash and with this cash he becomes rich by winning money. – Send pizza to the producers with the explanation of the game in the box. – concept; Send all the tv producers something where the explanation of Banknote bingo is attached in a fun way. = commitment + consistency
  5. (Accidentally) Giving away your chance of winning money. (medium= Stripclub; strippers have cash in their panty’s and they can win money with this).
  6. Pilot Commercial. To explain the concept in a convincing way with a commercial.
  7. The vaults of banks are all empty because of the show. All the cash is in the homes of the people.
  8. Convincing the tv producers by showing that people like it (on the street). Act it out on the street with people who can win money = target audience. film this and show to tv producers that the people are already enthusiastic.
  9. Let the tv producers experience the show, as an audience or to be in the show. (Studio setup, make the show with live audience → invite the tv producers to you.  or VR)
  10. Changing the value of money. (Create 2000 from a 20 euro banknote. Jesus is/or an illusionist) Banknotes with 4 digits on them
  11. Banknote bingo is a party





In conclusion, we found that this way of doing the creative brainstorm helped us to come up with new original and creative ideas and concepts.



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