Togetherness Day 1

Since last week we were too busy with our other courses so we decided we focussed on them for one week. This week we planned two full days to work together in one space for maximum efficiency. We started with creating a to do list.

So after we made clear who had to do what, we made a start. Before we started to work individually we sat together to talk about the animation. We made a few shots for a storyboard. With those visuals we started to write the script. With the rough script we created some more visuals. With those visuals we enhanced the script and so on.

Then we started to work on our own. Cashmyra is busy finishing the illustrations for the animation and Thomas is already starting with our final animation. Janaki started with her research. I (Olmo) worked a little more on the script and the explanation of the concept. Tomorrow we will meet again.


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