Evaluating the moving storyboard – Thomas de Gilder


Last week we had another meeting Fraser. We got the change to get some feedback on the prototype we made. We had a couple of things we wanted to know about the current prototype:

– What does he think about the augmented reality application?
– Is the information we are giving detailed enough or too detailed?
– Is the message clear enough?

After presenting the moving storyboard to Fraser he was really enthusiastic about it. He liked the way we used the augmented reality and he thought it was original. Of course there where also a few things we had to change. He thought it was too much information about the game show itself. It should have been more focused on the unique selling points of Banknote Bingo. He was for example talking about the final round where the contestant is going to choose between the containers. Fraser said this was too detailed. Also when the video is going into detail too much it will get confusing for people who don’t know anything about it.

Evaluating with other people
After the feedback from Fraser I wanted to get some reactions from people that don’t know anything about the show. I was wondering if they would understand it and where things where going wrong. I asked a few friends to come over and have an open-minded vision on it. I did choose friends that know something about graphic design so they could also give feedback on that part.

I wanted to think trough what I was going to say to them before I showed them the video. It is important that they have an open-minded look at the video. I decided that I would tell them that the video is for a new television format. I also told them how we where going to use augmented reality in this concept.

After showing them I was just letting them do the talking and I would ask questions afterwards. The thing I heard the most was that the video contain quite some information and therefore made it unclear. Especially the part with the decimal point. This isn’t a coincidence because Fraser also talked about that.

They thought the animations and illustrations could be a bit more exciting but that also because it is just a prototype.

Overall they thought it was a good video and most important they where enthusiastic. That is exactly what we want to achieve with the target group. It is not that important for this evaluation but they did say they where going to watch the show if it would be on air. They would even go to the bank to get banknotes.

We have to make some changes. The order of the video probably has to change completely so we need to make a new storyboard and start making the video afterwards. They key is to make the broadcaster enthusiastic about the format by showing them what the unique selling point of the show is.


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