In these two hard earned weeks off, we actually misused our vacation. Since a vacation should be (and traditionally is) used to rest and see your friends and family we actually sat down to work on school. The work we could and had to lay down for merely 14 days, was picked up and continued working on, even though not everybody was fond of this idea.

On thursday, the fifth of january, Thomas and I (Olmo) sat together to develop our prototype. We started with a brainstorm session that concluded that we won’t be working with the acutal app to show what our concept will be, but to show it in an animation. This animation will give you the image of how Frasers presentation should be done in our eyes.

Since we already thought of how we would implement the augmented reality on a banknote, we had to write what the augmented reality (also an animation) would tell. In total there will be four banknotes, each telling a different story, which meant we had to write four stories.

Welcome to banknote bingo!

The gameshow that can literally change the value of your banknotes. This is the first truly gameshow where everyone at home can play along for free and have a chance to win huge cash prizes. All you need is a banknote in your wallet.

In Banknote Bingo, five contestants will battle it out in four rounds with each nine questions. At the end of every round the person with the highest score is selected. The person with the lowest score will be eliminated. This score will determine a four digit number. This is the amount of money they can win! In the finally, five containers will be placed in between the numbers. One of them contains a decimal. The finalist is asked to pick a container and open it. If it has the ‘decimal point’, he wins that amount of money. In this case €366,70. If the container is empty, he is made an offer to stop.

At home, everybody is watching the show with a banknote in their hands. At the end of the show, the host will press a buzzer that puts the four digits in a random order. Every banknote has it’s own unique number.  If any part of that number matches the four digit number that is generated in the show, you win the cash pot. If for example your 20 euro banknote code contains these four numbers, the banknote will increase in value to € 6637,-!

Banknote Bingo can be played with a four, five or six digit code. It depends on the budget and timeslot of the Broadcaster, all other elements stay the same. Production can control payout by the difficulty of the questions and the offers they make.

Banknote Bingo
Will you be able to change the value of your banknote?

After this progress we started with drawing a storyboard that contained just some simple sketches really.


Afterwards I started on making illustrations. Thomas will then use After Effects and Premiere to make the animation.



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