Week 5

So in week 5 we came together to discuss our project and make some steps. Since the week before Fraser told us that we were doing great, we all got the feeling we were some steps ahead. That lead to the fact we didnt had any progress the week (5) after. So we made a to do list:


We also expanded our concept, which is almost done, and put it on paper:

Banknote Bingo game show – Augmented reality presentation

The presentation of the television show Banknote Bingo will be presented through an augmented reality experience. This unique way of presenting will make the tv producers more excited and enthusiastic about Banknote Bingo. It will also make them remember the format better. Using augmented reality through an application or website gives the producers the option to watch the presentation again afterwards and to show it to other stakeholders.

The augmented reality application can be activated with banknotes. Every banknote says something about the game show. We will use a 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro banknote. This means it will exist out of 4 parts (slides).

5 euro banknote:

The application will start by asking you to scan the 5 euro banknote. This will be the introduction.

“ Welcome to ‘Banknote Bingo’, a real game changer in access primetime and primetime game shows. The first truly interactive mechanism where everyone at home can play along for free and have the chance to win the same cash prize (or even more) as the finalist in the studio. All they need are the bank notes in their wallets and the unique code each one of them has. “

When scanning the banknote there will be some visuals. The

10 euro banknote:

The application will ask to scan the 10 euro banknote. With this banknote the application will explain how the game show works. People at home can win money when they have the right combination of numbers on their banknotes, but how are those numbers chosen?

“Each of four preliminary rounds consists of nine questions, all multiple choice and given to all the contestants in one batch. They give their answers on their individual touch screens and viewers play along too to see how many answers they would get. Their aim is to create a four digit total for one finalist to play for at the end of the show. The highest possible winnings are therefore €9999.

At the end of every round the number of the person with the highest score will be selected. This will be the number that is one of the four digit number that determines the winning code.

20 euro banknote:

The application will ask to scan the 20 euro banknote. This part will give a short explanation on how people at home can play along.

“If any part of the code on their banknote matches the sequential four digit number generated by the finalist in the show, they win the cash pot or share it with other viewers who also have the code. It’s that simple and that addictive.”

50 euro banknote:

The application will ask to scan the 50 euro banknote. This part will explain the different possibility’s this format offers. This format could be a daily gameshow or a big primetime show. The differences will be in the amount of money the contestants will be able to win. The game can be played with 4, 5 or 6 digit codes.

“Banknote Bingo can be played with played with a four digit, five digit or six digit code. It depends on the budget and timeslot of the Broadcaster, all other mechanism elements stay the same. Production can control payout by the difficulty of the questions, offers made during the preliminary rounds and offers made in the final where the contestant only has a 1 in 5, 1 in 6 or 1 in 7 chance of winning the jackpot.”


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